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Facowie (pronounced Fa-cow-wee, named after a lost Indian Tribe) Lodge is a wilderness retreat is located just Northwest of Buyck right off the main thoroughfare of Crane Lake Road approximately 5 miles before the town of Crane Lake. This two-unit home is beautifully situated over a small tranquil lake called Kabustasa right across from Echo Lake. It is a very peaceful setting without all of the hustle and bustle of a large resort. The lodge is set up for accommodations for the outdoor enthusiast, family vacations or business retreats.

Both lodges are set up as two bedroom units with one having a larger living area. They are both tastefully decorated in a Northern Minnesota style and nicely furnished with an "up north" theme. They can each easily accommodate up to 4-7 people and an adjoining door can be opened up to accommodate larger groups. The lodge is angled so that is has a full view of the small picturesque lake and has some gorgeous sunsets to the west across the lake.

The area is filled with many outdoor adventures and activities to do. For additional information and recent adventures, please view us on Facebook at FacowieLodge.com. Visit our photo albums that have hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, 4 wheeling and Whitetail Deer on our deer cam. We would also give us a thumbs up and "Like Us" if it meets your approval!

Google Earth is a great program that allows you to zoom from the sky to have a bird's eye view of the beautiful area surrounding Facowie Lodge. This is a free download software package that allows you to the terrain and all of the lakes. The address is 6245 Crane Lake Road, 55771 http://earth.google.com/





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